Sound Curation, a Key Element in Retail-as-a-Service

Studio Odeonsplatz, Mercedes-Benz

The Store as a Showroom is the Future of Stationary Retail

Though the retail industry is welcoming multi-brand concepts or pop-up stores vouching for novel and interactive approaches, the conviction that bricks-and-mortars are intended for quantity over quality is still widespread: stores generally present a vast range and number of products while maximising sales.

Garden of Beauty, Breuninger

Experience, Emotion and Connection over Sales

What RaaS innovations in Berlin, the greater Germany and internationally have in common is the prime ambition to connect with customers on a human level and make them feel something. The credo chooses an interaction with visitors that is more meaningful and less transactional. Here, the retail chain expects revenue to be secondary, where customer service, product presentation, and technology all focus on experience instead of sales.

VitraHaus, Vitra

Innovation and Agility keep Brands Competitive

Success in the retail industry comes with ceaseless innovation to create enhanced customer experiences at the same pace customers imagine novel forms of interaction with brands. The ability to embrace digital ecosystems, promptly design and deliver immersive experiences has therefore become a crucial competitive strategy.

Studio Odeonsplatz, Mercedes-Benz
Studio Odeonsplatz, Mercedes-Benz

A New Outlook to become Future-fit

People are looking for experiential engagement that transcends channels and seamlessly fulfils their shifting expectations and digital savviness. The early success of ventures applying RaaS offers hope that the novel business model could present the lifeline that brands can hinge on to reshape their enterprise and so preserve their relevance and appeal.

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